Family Practice Physician Grand Junction

Dr. Boyer is a family practice physician in Grand Junction, CO. His committment to his patients and his desire to spend more time developing a quality healthcare relationship, led him to open Trailhead Clinics.  

Trailhead Clinics is Grand Junction's newest direct primary care office.  At Trailhead Clinics, our family practice physicians do not require or bill any insurance companies.  Instead, we provide all of our members with unlimited preventative visits, 24 hr access to a doctor, urgent care, in-house x-rays and minor procedures, physicals and sick visits all with no co-pay.

Your monthly membership guarantees more time with your family practice physician, Dr. Boyer, who is committed to offering better healthcare services.  Dr. Boyer believes that insurance companies do not allow doctors to spend quality time with their patients and the doctor/patient relationship often suffers from lack of information and personalization.  

At Trailhead Clinics we know all of our members personally.  We limit the number of patients we serve, to guarantee betterh healthcare for our members. Your doctor is always available, even without an appointment by phone, text or email.  All your records are available to you online through our private portal and your membership ensures that you always know what your healthcare will cost.

Services include: wellness exams, family planning, joint injections, csting, lab tests, blood draws, pediatric care, immunizations, health assessments and physcials, skin care, wound care, removal of skin tags and warts, chronic disease management, coaching and consultation for weight management and basic labs and screenings.  All of these services are included for our members with no co-pay and no additional fees.  


If you want a family practice physician in Grand Junction who is committed to your healthcare and does not believe in inflated insurance fees and lab costs, join Trailhead Clinics.  Trailhead Clinics passes on all wholesale pricing for extensive services so that you can stop worrying about medical bills and focus on living an active, healthy life. 




Family Practice Physician Grand Junction