Trailhead Clinics is a membership-based family medicine clinic that has developed partnerships with a variety of medical and non-medical organizations in Grand Junction and Montrose, CO that add value to our primary care services. Our primary care plans are designed to provide coverage for people from all walks of life; whether that is individuals, families, or businesses alike. At Trailhead Clinics, a monthly membership covers a wide range of medical services with no co-pay or additional fees. Our partners work with us to make sure each of our members gets time, care and can reach their full health potential.

Partnership Services and Pricing

Each of our partnerships includes special pricing for members of Trailhead Clinics and/or for members of these organizations. It’s one way we strive to add value to your primary care membership with us. For more details on Trailhead Clinics partnership pricing give us a call at 970-644-5999.

Featured Partners

Crested Oak Dentistry

Crested Oak Dentistry is an experienced dental group specializing in all aspects of dental care with a specific emphasis on personal patient service. Crested Oak offers monthly and annual memberships in their Crested Oak Dental Discount Plans, which includes many standard, annual services and discount prices on professional dental procedures. All Trailhead Clinics & Mint Benefits members will receive discounted prices when signing up for a discount plan.

fit company in grand junction

Fit GJ is a Functional Movement Gym with group classes designed by a Physical Therapist … It will be the BEST workout you’ve never done!


Want to become a partner with Trailhead Clinics? Contact us for details.

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