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Sports Physicals in Grand Junction, CO

Looking for a place for your kid or teen to do his sports physical in Grand Junction? Well, fear not as Trailhead Clinics offers sports physicals in Grand Junction, CO. Playing with a sport’s team in the Grand Junction community or sports team is a great way to learn hard work and teamwork. However, most sports have assorted risks.

A physical is the best way to avoid getting hurt and having harmful effects on your children. No one can predict the dangers of the sports field. However, the job of a sport’s physical is to make sure that your son or daughter is not affected by other risks. These risks can be asthma or weak joints. Sports physicals ensure their bodies are healthy enough for the season.

Most states require young athletes to get a sports physical before playing a sport.

What exactly is a sports physical?

A sports physical is a checkup of a teen’s health and fitness that correlates to a sport. It is not a standard physical you do every year. Our physician will look for any injuries or diseases that could make it harmful to participate in sports. They also go over the family’s history to ensure any additional tests are performed if needed.

Sports Physical at Trailhead Clinics

When should a sports physical be done?

Best-case would be about six to eight weeks before the season starts. This gives you ample time, so you don’t have to wait till the last minute. If any condition or follow-up exam needs to happen this will give you time to schedule the necessary appointments.

What to expect?

A sports physical starts typically with a thorough medical history. The healthcare provider will ask about any illness and injuries that might have happened to the teen. These questions will determine if they can play or how much the child can safely handle. Your child will be asked to fill out a health form as well as a questionnaire that investigates lifestyle choices and daily habits.

These include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain during exercise
  • Asthma
  • Excess tiredness
  • Eating disorders
  • Vision problems (glasses or contacts)
  • Family history of any heart problems or sudden death before the age of 50
After medical history, the physical exam begins where the physician provides the following:
  • Take blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Measure weight and height
  • Check the lungs and heart
  • Genital exam(to screen for hernias in guys)
  • Check throat, ears, nose
  • look at joint mobility, spinal alignment, and posture
  • Test hearing and vision
  • Check to see if immunizations needed
  • Screen for cholesterol, perform a urinalysis, and cholesterol.

Girls may be asked about how regular their period is.

Will my teen be able to play?

Finally, at the end of the sports physical, we will let you know if it’s safe for your teen to play a certain sport.

We base our decisions on several factors, including:

  • Position played
  • Competition Level
  • Size of the teen
  • Use and type of protective equipment
  •  Type of sport
  • How strenuous the sport is.
  • Fitness Level

If everything checks out during the sports physical, then you or your teen is given the OK to play without any restrictions. Or we will recommend certain modifications, like carrying epinephrine injectors for severe insect allergies, or using an inhaler if your teen has asthma.

It is very rare for teens to be barred from playing entirely.  Most conditions won’t prevent kids from playing sports but may need treatment and a follow-up exam in order to play.

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